Cop: The Post Purchase Fanatics!

A Post Purchase experience like no other.

Provide post-purchase interactions that drive up sales, increase customer loyalty and brand love ❤️.

Your Post Purchase is Broken.

Couriers take over the experience

Customers take all the frustration

Your brand takes all the blame & costs.

This ends now.

With COP.

Cop helps you turn shipping from a cost-center, full of headaches and problems – into a high-performance marketing channel that builds brand ❤️ and drives revenue.

Customers check tracking 4x per order.

Instead of handing them over to your courier partners, take control & deliver mind-blowing experiences with 👏 every 👏 single 👏 delivery.

From - Powered By Courier

TO - Powered By YOUR Brand

Drive instant repeat purchases, education, & loyalty.

Convert customers back to your site using branded tracking pages.

Reduce support tickets related to post purchase.

We bridge the gap between their last interaction with you (purchase) and their first interaction with your product (unboxing).

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Get Early Access

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How It Works

1. Connect Your eCommerce Platform to Cop

Install the Cop app to your Shopify or WooCommerce website within seconds. More platforms coming soon.

2. Add Your Courier/s

Pick from our fast growing selection of local & international couriers. Once this is done, goodbye to courier control, hello brand control!

3. Personalize your
 Tracking page.

When customers checkout they will now be sent to a tracking page controlled by you, powered by Cop. Add your custom branding, colors and vibe to your tracking page.

4. Design your Automations.

Go on the proactive & design smart SMS/Email notifications triggered based on real-time shipment events. Keeping your customers engaged and well informed on the progress of their shipments.

5. Engage in operational excellence.

With Cop's powerful insights, stay on top of all your shipments with a birds eye view on the performance of your orders across courier partners. Use this data to mitigate risks and optimize your operations.

6. Drive revenue with 1 Click Upsells.

Build post-purchase upsells triggered by what your customers buy on the checkout. Powered by Cop's 1 click checkout technology, customers can add to their basket after the initial checkout with just a tap!

A powerful toolkit to help you re-imagine post-purchase.

Radar allows you to own the tracking interaction & personalize the delivery experience for shoppers based on real-time data and their unique customer profile.
Revenue enables you to increase order value by 10-30%, by designing optimised 1 click post purchase offers.
Automate allows you to trigger notifications based on what is going on with the delivery. No-code needed.
Intel allows you to get valuable data insights into their shipment data, customer sentiment & operational performance.

Post-Purchase Visibility

See the real time status of your daily operations – from the eCommerce platform, the fulfillment and the shipping processes, in one place.

Proactive Communication

Keep in touch with your consumers with active updates throughout the post-purchase phase.

Delivery Estimation

Elevate the delivery experience with an estimated delivery date. Cop uses machine learning to estimate the delivery date based on millions of data points.

Customer Sentiment

Easy access to the customer’s history – feedback, AOV, delays and refunds – for tailor made handling.

Automatic Flagging

Proactive notifications on discrepancies, so the issues can be fixed it before your consumers are affected.

Easy To Understand

Complex delivery lingo can confuse customers. Cop's tracking pages use simple language to communicate courier activity.

Take control of your post purchase experience today.

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